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Professional property management for buildings and fixed assets can be entrusted to our qualified professionals.

Professional care has a particular meaning for us because we acknowledge the requirements of the tenant, who is familiar with buildings, and we can manage risks professionally. Therefore, we can offer the following services:

  • Customer service for our owners, coowners, tenants or vendors
  • A rental guarantee system for landlords
  • Online and offline marketing measures: professional photos and videos for landlords
  • Access to a network of certified vendors and service providers, who can offer preferential tariffs
  • A digital certificate of creditworthiness through CreditTrust
  • A customized lease
  • Consulting and support for building renewal and renovation
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Owners portal

We provide owners with the option of using an online portal that is available at all times.You can safely access your data and documents with your personal registration code. All digital documents are legitimately and clearly organized. You can easily download your digital real estate bills, including all closing documents, and enjoy comfortable access to all of your documents with a few clicks.

The real estate administration teams of IntercityGribi are offering their customers a comprehensive service not only for the rental but also for the technical and financial inquiries.


  • Sublease of all real estate properties through appropriate advertising (internet, newspapers, flyers, etc.)
  • Examination of rental requests, negotiation, and quick choice of new tenants.
  • Preparation of leases and other administrative documents (reports, changes of addresses, protocols on transitory situations, etc.)
  • Processing of terminations and final settlements
  • Observation of rent development
  • Rent determination, including the preparation of rent increases and decreases.
  • Legal disputes: Representing the owners in legal matters
  • Regulation regarding the guarantee (rental deposits)
  • Preparation of general information for tenants and newsletters


  • Inventory of apartment decoration (at the entry and departure)
  • Further charges for repair and maintenance work which should be paid by tenants in accordance with the lease.
  • Handling of damage cases and follow-up for insuarance claims
  • Insurance contract exclusion, extension, and termination, as well as examination and adaptation of the scope of coverage over the insurance agent
  • Inspection and monitoring of apartment and building conditions
  • Supervision of cleaning and maintenance services or of a caretaker
  • Exclusion, renewing and termination of service contracts for plant and equipment.
  • Supervision of proper operation of lifts, heaters, and other equipment
  • Obtaining estimated costs and supervision of budgets (invoices control, recalculation, etc.)
  • Vertretung • Vertretung der Auftraggeberin in allen rechtlichen Belangen gegenüber Mietern, Nachbarn und Behörden


  • Monitoring of the accounts
  • Preparation of heating costs and additional costs
  • Payment for invoices
  • Monitoring the monthly rental fees
  • Closure of the accounts
  • Various reports

Additional services

Intercitty Gribi Picto Legal Department


Our company’s own legal department is focused on real estate properties. It will involve when it is necessary to protect the interests of our owners. Rental collection, payment reminders, negotiations and establishments of compensation plans, management of legal matters, and representing the clients are some of the many other tasks of our legal department.

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Intercitty Gribi Picto Marketing Department


Our internal marketing department, which also consists of a project manager and a graphic designer, creates an option to offer a quick and efficient realization of all marketing measures for the various real estate properties. By means of a quick sublease, we increase the real estate property value of our owners. These leases can be made by our current and customized media.

We are offering digital measures such as campaigns on social media, Google and real estate portals, creation of mini-websites for huge advertising campaigns, on ground photo shoots and video recordings or recordings with drones by professional photographers, and the creating of visual tours and home staging as well. Offline measures such as press advertisements or flyer distribution to all households can be arranged as well.

Intercitty Gribi Picto Insurances And Mortgages


Complete analysis of your insurance, financial consultance and offering a personalized solution in cooperation with our partners – summarizing our services, we can offer our own insurance and mortgage mediation company’s experts and private individuals. Use our personalized support and monitoring for your portfolio tanks to our insurance company Immosure .


  • Building insurance
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Legal protection
  • Household insurance and liability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Mortgage loans
  • Health insurance


  • Professional liability insurance
  • Operational property insurance
  • Legal protection insurance
  • Insurance of the person (UVG, UVGZ, AMC [Accident insurance, supplementary accident insurance, supplementary health insurance])
  • Pension insurance (BVG [Swiss old-age provisions])
  • Vehicle insurance
Intercity Gribi Picto Construction Managment


Developers demand the best quality, fixed prices, and clear deadlines, no matter if it is a wide range of renovations, a rehabilitation, or a challenging new building. It is meant with construction management of IntercityGribi that there is an inclusive of synergies and the realization of agreed objectives without any compromises to make the client more successful.

Within the meaning of full-service providers, the construction management team particularly focuses on the complex interactions during the construction projects and plan preparation phases so that owners keep a grip on the maintenance and renovation costs.

In the phase of project realization for residential, office and commercial buildings, IntercityGribi represents the interests of developers against architects, craftsmen or vendors and makes sure that the demands of owners are fulfilled optimally.

In the area of project development, experienced professionals, on the customer’s behalf, search for the chances of promising new construction projects and provide the firms that want to extend or optimize their real estate portfolio.

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